Roatan Transportation

Dolphins at Roatan

Roatan's official time is now participating with daylight savings changes from Central Standard Time.

Airport departure tax as of January 2012 has gone up to approximately $38


Continental Airline

Gateway City from US Monday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Houston   January, February, March February, March February January, February, March February, March
  1 Flight
Newark 1 flight       1 flight  

Continental has two roundtrips on Saturdays of each month leaving Houston at 9:30 AM arriving Roatan at 11:45 AM and leaving Houston at 12:50 PM arriving Roatan at 2:45 PM. The flight is a "turn around flight" so it leaves Roatan at 1:30 PM arriving Houston at 4:10 PM and leaving Roatan at 4:30 PM arriving Houston at 7:20 PM. Continental also has a Saturday flight from Newark, NJ departing at 9:50 AM and arriving at 1:35 PM. The Newark return departs Roatan at 2:25 PM and arrives 7:45 PM. The Continental Sunday flight departs Houston 10:25 AM and arrives Roatan at 1:10 PM. The Continental Sunday return leaves Roatan at 2:00 PM and arrives Houston at 4:52 PM. 

Delta Airline

Gateway City from US Monday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Atlanta       1 flight  
San Francisco       1 flight  

The Delta Saturday service leaves Atlanta at 11:30 AM arriving Roatan at 1:42 PM and returns to Atlanta at 2:42 PM arriving Atlanta at 6:41 PM. Delta also has a flight from San Francisco for $772 Round Trip. Please check for new schedules carefully as times may change

Sunwing Airline

Gateway City from US Monday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Toronto 1 flight      

For Canadian Connetions, Sunwing flies charters from Toronto to Roatan on Mondays leaving Toronto at 6:20 AM and arrives at 9:05 AM. Departs Roatan to Tornonto at 11:10 AM arriving Toronto at 4:15 PM. Be sure to call them for short notice rates at 800 761-1711 Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm in Toronto

Taca Airline

Gateway City from US Monday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Houston       1 flight  
Miami         1 flight

TACA leaves Houston on Saturday at 2:55 PM and arrives Roatan at 5:40 PM. The flight from Roatan departs at 10:40 AM and arrives Houston at 1:40 PM. The TACA Sunday flight leaves Miami 2:25 PM arriving Roatan 3:35 PM. The Sunday flight to Miami departs Roatan at 9:30 AM and arrives in Miami at 12:35 PM.

Travel Tips

Try to plan your trip for Saturday or Sunday through Atlanta, Houston, Miami or Newark so you can avoid all the hassles of making multiple connections and have a better chance of all your luggage arriving with you. if you fly on a direct gateway city flight to Roatan you can avoid extra travel by having to make connections to Roatan from the mainland. If the carriers you are using do not have direct connections through Miami, Houston, or Atlanta, then you will have to consider going to the mainland of Honduras via another US airport either to San Pedro Sula or Tegucigalpa. The more connections you make however increases the chance your luggage may not arrive with you. Be prepared by carrying a small carry on of "essentials". In adition to the airliones mentioned above American Airline also flies to San Pedro Sula. Be sure to visit their websites for current information and pricing for direct and non direct flights.  You can also fly to El Salvador and work your way back to Roatan but it is not recommended unless you have travel plans for multiple stops and the time to make this route happen.  Once you arrive in San Pedro Sula or Tegucigalpa, you can easily connect to a commuter flight to Roatan and vice versa on SOSA. or Taca or, if you have time, get to Roatan by taking the ferry, the Galaxy Wave.

Galaxy and Tropical Ferries

The Galaxy and Tropical Ferries owned by Safe Way Maritime Transportation Company can be contacted in Roatan 2445-1795 or 2445-1250 and in LaCeiba 2414-5739 or 2414-5740. Sea travel between Roatan and LaCeiba is an approximate one and half hour trip and costs approximately +/- $28 one way. The Galaxy has satellite TV, seats for 360 passengers, and cruises at 25 knots. There is a new terminal in La Ceiba and it is air-conditioned. The Galaxy also carries regular and refrigerated cargo. They also have a newer vessel that is about 151 ft long and capable of carrying 460 passengers at a speed of 36 knots. The trip will take approximately one hour on this vessel.