.....the reef surrounding Roatan is the home to many beautiful tropical fish making it one the premier dive attractions in the world. You can explore underwater sea walls, shipwrecks, and try out some great night diving. Sea Turtles, Dolphins, and Whales swim in the Caribbean Sea surrounding the island and you can find Parrots, Iguana, and Monkeys on land in the wild

Our main location is The Sanctuary in the west end of Roatan island on Sandy Bay and within the Sanctuary you'll find The Beach House, Cabana, Mango House and Bamboo House. Located further East on Calabash Bight. is Calabash. It is a large house with three bedrooms and a commanding view of the CarribeanSea on three sides.

Use the map to look over this part of the Carribbean. Easiest way is to use your mouse wheel for scrolling in and out to see a closer or wider view and when you see the hand pointer you can left click and drag the map in any direction you want. Enjoy and Thanks for visiting. See you soon....Cheers